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1 Begin by choosing a bra that offers enough support

by:Douai     2020-05-07
2 Slip on a strapless bra if your wedding dress has a low or wide-cut neckline, or slender straps. The most versatile strapless is one with removable straps that you can make into a crisscross or halter bra. Buy underwear if you are full-busted or full-figured. In order to get more support from the bra if you are full busted and at the same time you don't want expose your bra strap to the public, you can also choose an bra with detachable invisible strap. 3 Select a backless bra that hooks at the waist if your wedding dress has a low-cut back. Let them see skin, not bra straps. In this case, make sure your under pants won't show, or else your whole look will be ruined. Don't wear white underwear. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone instead. It won't show through, even sheer fabrics. And not just on your wedding day -- Always! 4 Slim down with a Lycra or spandex slimmer. This modern-day corset will keep you looking trim; just make sure it's comfortable for an extended period of time, and take it along to your fittings - it can change the fit of your wedding dress. I suggest you start to wear the corset several days before your wedding so that you can get accustomed to the tight feeling. It is embarrassing to impress people that you are going to be breathless. 5 Wear underwear that is comfortable, stays in place and doesn't show through the wedding dress in any light. A pantyhose-underwear combination is a good choice for a slim-fitting skirt. Pay attention to the color of the panty hose you choose, one that is made of sheer fabric will be a better option. 6 Choose a sexy garter belt, if you dare - make sure that it shows no lines and won't snap during a dance. 7 Purchase a slip if you are wearing a long sheath wedding dress. 8 Pick hosiery of any style, as long as its color flows harmoniously with your wedding dress. 9 Try on a variety of styles under your wedding dress once you've chosen the proper type, and move, move, move. The bra should be comfortable and stay in place at all times. Finally, when you are shopping for the lingerie, you'd better try your bra on with your wedding dress to be certain the fit is perfect.
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