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5 ways to design a better plus size sports bra

by:Douai     2019-12-11
It\'s hard to get back in shape, especially for women, because we struggle with mirrors as much as our bodies do.
We need the spiritual support of sports clothing, hiding \"sin\" while we sweat, breathe and limp, keeping our spirit by hiding fat, so we can feel that we don\'t let ourselves go as we think.
Enter the sports bra super large tank top combination.
This is the exercise \"go\" for every woman, because one, it\'s super comfortable, two, it will make you look good no matter where you are on your fitness journey.
I joined Pilates this summer and was doing two cheap bra tops I found in TJ Maxx, but when I raised my workout to a Friday day, it was clear, I also need to put \"add game\" on my sportswear \".
Also, I am tired of washing clothes all the time.
I used to be thinner, always wearing those full-length Nike sports tops with sports colors, which made me feel strong and sporty before lifting weights or climbing stairs.
As a 6 TH, they are fab, and as a 10 th, all the Leka did nothing but show the inches that invited themselves to my waist.
They are packed now, waiting for me to lose weight . . . . . . And my skinny jeans.
It\'s time for bras and vests.
As a woman with a curved figure, I hardly know what it would be like to buy a bra top now.
I went to REI first because I think they will have a few brands because it is my personal Holy Land.
I went there as excited as going to the art shop.
I don\'t even know what these things do, but I want them.
Even if I have never used these cool things, it will make me an outdoor genius.
I was excited because I decided to treat myself with a brand, which is more detailed than Japanese armor and costs a lot of money, but makes you look like one of the cool girls in Pilates class.
No, we don\'t always secretly admire how long you can take the board, or how many times you can represent it.
We often envy leggings \".
It keeps us from suffering.
2 hours later, I sweaty my back with sweat, depressed and out of breath.
In the past, I thought the last thing I liked to buy was regular bras, swimsuits and jeans, in this order . . . . . . But now I know I can add a sports bra to this list.
Try on the 10 th sports bra with a C cup, like Houdini coming out of the tight jacket, or wrestling, or trying to get through the tires.
If I\'m not stuck in it
Ongoing or upcoming)
I couldn\'t breathe because Leica cut off my air supply and squished my chest like a 1920s attempt to look like a boy\'s baffle.
I feel tired, it makes me wonder if the sportswear company will design these things to give us a pre-
Exercise, exercise.
Want to burn 500 calories?
Just try our sports bra.
I was also very depressed and humiliated.
I have accepted that I am on the 10 th now, so I sighed and reached out to get the gift just to make them laugh at me.
It was still tense when I finally gave in and tried XXL and I was ready to call every sports company and drive them away.
I mean, really, when will the 10 th and XXL be started?
I went to Sichuan, and there was the same problem with Athleta and Lulu Lemon.
Suppose that all women who exercise do not exceed the B cup, and in the sports world, are 10 yards of women as big as women?
With today\'s focus on the plus size, you will think they will choose a more realistic size.
If I, a medium-sized woman can\'t find a sports bra big enough, what are the other women above the 12 th doing?
I can\'t even think.
Sports companies need to be real (
Or false, depending on the situation)
Like sportswear companies, please us with their size.
The Banana Republic likes to tell me that I am on the 4 th.
I know they\'re lying, but it makes me feel good anyway.
Experience made me realize that when it comes to women with chest bending above the B cup, there are some serious problems with most sports bras on the market, maybe they can use feedback.
So, listen to the sports brand.
There are 5 ways to design a better sports bra: first, don\'t be too fancy.
Save fantasy for things like cute vests and leggings.
Take a little less money on the sports bra and I will buy an extra pair of leggings and walk away happily.
Second, what\'s going on with those straps?
This is a sports top, not an underwear or song and dance show.
Sure, it looks beautiful, like a goddess in a yoga studio, but if I want to kill myself with useless ropes, I will go and buy a bra.
Put it on a solid simple strap so it\'s easy to find the opening of the neck, arms or chest and I\'ll love you forever.
Third, stop using elastic devices that can connect space X rockets together.
If I want to know exactly how much back fat I have, I will stay at home in front of the mirror.
I don\'t need to see it when I work out, I \'ve looked messy, sweaty back and tired because wearing make-
During a workout, the coach had burned our thighs for 20 minutes.
Yes, women with a greater depression or running need more flexibility, but maybe a clip can be put in so we can easily get in and out without getting our shoulders out of the way.
Fourth, what are those strange fills that you insist on filling in each style?
What makes our breasts look bigger is the padding, right?
Thank you, but I\'m done.
Why a square?
How does it float?
Every top I \'ve tried has these nasty things floating around, making ugly strange lumps in strange places.
Thank you, but I\'m fat.
If you really think I need it then at least round it and sew it down. What?
You can charge me $55 for the hundred details, but there is no time when stitching the liner insert? Please. Just stop.
Fifth, stop the unrealistic scale.
In any fair and just universe, it is the size of 10an XXL.
Finally, I went back to TJ Maxx.
Maybe their sports bra is cheap, made of inferior elasticity, and after a few months this elasticity breaks down from no famous brand, but they are both simple and comfortable, they don\'t make me cry when I see the size tags.
FYI, after writing this, I was contacted by an amazing plus size sports bra company called Bloom Bras.
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