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by:Douai     2020-05-09
Unfortunately, giving an effective professional-level massage is something that requires training and years of practice which not everyone has the time nor money for but with these little hints, tips and I can provide you with the perfect setting to give a simple yet satisfying massage. The preparation for the massage is of great importance as many people don't take into consideration all the aspects when they start, having to stop the massage once you have started is not only very annoying for the recipient but can also ruin the experience for them. The four things to pay particular attention to when preparing the body for massage are the following; * The support surface: If you are unqualified the chances of having a massage table of your own will probably be zero. You want the recipient to be lying somewhere comfortable that is strong enough to support their weight like a firm mattress. Something like a sofa won't be ideal as it can be too soft and won't support the body as well. It will also make it difficult for you to reach both sides equally. * Space: Make sure you give yourself enough room to move around, so keep it in mind if you are position them against a wall or in a corner, how will you get to the other side etc? * Atmosphere: Obviously you don't want the TV blaring in the background! Choose some relaxing music, light a few lavender scented candles, dim the lights and try to avoid any potential interruptions while you are working, such as turning your phone off, making sure no one will knock for you etc. * Clothing: Make sure you are wearing something that will stretch and give as you massage so you are not restricted to only a few movements. A stretchy top or t-shirt would be ideal as you will no doubt get hot whilst working. You're recipient should ideally be naked under the towel so there are no restrictions. If they don't feel comfortable being nude, a pair of underpants will be fine. Women should be bra-less so you have unhindered access to their back, although if they don't feel comfortable with this then work around it.
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