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Ah, the bra. This icon of femininity is no longer

by:Douai     2020-05-15
Today we discuss the various bra types that are on the market. They range from the flashy to the functional, from supportive to sexy, from novelty to nursing. Some you are likely aware of. Others may be all new to you. So take a walk with us through the wonderful world of the brassiere. You might just end up a little more bra-savvy than when you started. The 'Classics' The 'Functionals' The 'Enhancers' The 'Novelties' The 'New Fangled' Picking the Right Bra Choosing the right bra can be difficult. It's important to have not only a selection of bras that fit correctly, but bras fitted to the right uses as well. If you are a regular jogger or athlete, it's important to have sports bras that provide sufficient support for your various activities. An expectant mother should purchase a variety of nursing bras if she plans to breastfeed. Breasts also change over time, so it's a good idea to have a bra fitting every few years. Many lingerie stores offer help with measuring bra size, and this can provide you with a more accurate fit than trying to measure yourself. If you've never had a bra fitting, you might be surprised to find that you've been wearing the wrong size for years. Wearing the wrong fit can be uncomfortable, but it can also cause more serious problems like backaches. So it's smart to get an accurate bra size measuring before buying any new bras.
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