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An average office loses over $7300 per employee

by:Douai     2020-05-27
Ergonomics is the application of scientific information, used to design objects, systems and environment meant for human use. The science of ergonomics is multidisciplinary and can be used wherever human beings are involved. Workplace has emerged as a fertile environment for the application of ergonomic principles. Ergonomic holds the key to maximize productivity and efficiency at workplace by reducing fatigue and discomfort level of employees. It is imperative that workplace should be designed by keeping occupational ergonomics in mind. Ergonomically conceived workplace is as important as the work itself. Major advancements in the field of science and technology has changed modern workplace. Equipments like computer, laptop, fax machine, photo copier are standard paraphernalia of any work environment. While they have certainly made our job easier, we find ourselves confined to cubicles. We spend long hours at workstation, desk or in a conference room. Most employers and employees fail miserably in making sure that, their body is able to cope with its surrounding. More and more people are falling prey to musculoskeletal disorders like low back strain, improper circulation and tendonitis. These injuries and ailments stem from poorly designed workstations and lack of ergonomic application in designing them. Use of unergonomically designed workstation for long strenuous hours is the real culprit behind majority of musculoskeletal disorder. A well thought and ergonomically designed work environment should consist of workstations with ergonomic keyboard trays, adjustable chairs and other human body friendly equipments. Various online boutiques offer contemporary ergonomic seating solutions to keep your workstation comfortable and spacious. These ergonomic seating solutions are the result of brilliant craftsmanship blended with world-class designs and components. Components to look for in ergonomic seating solutions include tilt seating, adjustable arm rests, fully adjustable backrests with lumbar contouring, footrests for higher chairs/workstations. These elements will enable the user to personalize a chair to fit their individual needs. Health and safety of employees is making ergonomic office solutions a necessity. Human factor re-engineering of our workplace, is evident in the design and material used in todays workplace. The range of ergonomic products available is huge and requires careful consideration before buying it. Ergonomically designed chairs and stools come in different shapes and sizes. Deciding the right type will solely depend on the requirements of the user. Our meticulously re-engineered seating solutions provides a one-stop-shop for all your office needs. Although public awareness of the word 'ergonomics' has increased dramatically, the understanding of the concept is seriously skewed. Workplace is only one environment in which ergonomic principles are, or should be, applied. Perch provides the wide range of stylish & quality rolling stools and wood stools. For more information, visit ergonomic seating
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