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Antique wooden chairs are available in a wide

by:Douai     2020-05-27
Antique wooden chairs are usually 50 years old or even older as defined by dealers of fine antiques. In antique stores and auctions of today's market, the antique wooden chairs sold belong to a period from 1800 1900. People from the southern states of America measure the age of antique furniture by the specific year when the Civil War began, whereas the eastern states calculate it from Victorian era. Today, you will also find antique wooden chairs made during the Victorian Era (1837-1901) during the reign of Queen Victoria. The wooden chairs of this era are usually hand-crafted as well as mass-produced pieces. The famous designers of these hand-crafted wooden chairs that are still known today are John Henry Belter, Allen and Brother, R.J. Horner, Charles Eastlake, George Hunzinger and many more. You will find many of these craftsmen set a label on the furniture made by him. The antique wooden chairs designed by George Hunzinger possess design elements representing the style of the revival of Moorish and Renaissance. Antique wooden chairs of the Victorian era were made of walnut wood and rosewood. The popular chair styles of this era are Gothic circa, Aesthetic Movement - circa , Victorian Rocco circa, Renaissance Victorian and Louis XVI - circa, Eastlake - circa and Victorian Jacobean circa. Moreover Hitchcock chair, Platform rocker, Sleepy Hollow rocker , Morris chair, Lincoln rocker, Bentwood chair and Track rocker are few mostly used wooden chair styles of the Victorian era. Jenny Lind walnut corner spool chair is yet another name of antique wooden chair. They are made of birch or maple. The look of the antique chair resembles a string of sewing machine spools and available in dark colors that usually look like black walnut or rosewood.
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