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Color Therapy and Yoga

by:Douai     2020-06-22
Color therapy has been used to treat people for century's . The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese studied and used color to treat ailments and color has long been known for its therapeutic benefits. Yoga is also known for its healing benefits and ability to promote wellness. Combining color therapy and yoga is a powerful way to enhance your daily practice. Color therapy is a form of healing that uses color to affect our mood, emotions and probably even our health There are different ways to use color therapy. Using lights, room decor, colored lenses glasses are a few options. With yoga the best way to involve color to your practice is to choose accessories of a specific color to evoke the right mood. This can be done through careful selection of yoga mats, outfits, towels, wrist bands and right through to the color on the walls where you practice. When using a specific color the light entering your body is reflected of the colored surface and is concentrated in one spectrum. The mood and emotions associated with that color are enhanced. This combined with the yoga practice can help make a fundamental shift in your emotions and health. How does color therapy enhance your yoga practice? The light around us contains the full spectrum of colors. Each color has its own frequency and vibration. It is believed that different colors relate to different parts of our body. You can read more about these energy centers, or chakras and how the different colors work. It is thought that when disease or injury occurs it disturbs the vibration and energy of that area of our body, therefore applying the right color frequency can restore the body and improve your health. Using the right color while performing yoga postures can help assist this restoration. While the body is moving through these healing postures it is open to healing and can greatly benefit from the color therapy. Research also indicates that light entering through the eyes can trigger the production of hormones which controls the entire biochemical system of our bodies. Choosing which color the eyes receive is the basis for color therapy. The color itself does not perform the healing, it enables the body to heal itself by stimulating the right hormones and sending energy to heal to the ailing part of the body. So now you have decided to try using color during your yoga practice but which color should you choose? See below for an overview of what the different colors mean. Pink use for healing, rejuvenation and energy. Yellow use for happiness, evoking a cheerful mood and enhancing creativity. Orange use to improve socializing and stimulating all of your senses. Red use for energizing, enthusiasm and restoring passion for your practice. Blue is a classic, choose for calming and relaxation. Green is tranquil and relaxing it will provide a soothing practice. Purple is the combination of blue and red and often a favorite color. White is the symbol or purity and is great for cleansing. Gray is the color of knowledge and wisdom. Black is a strong color for powerful emotions and a zen like calm. Brown is the color for stability and reliability. Find out more about each color and the benefits to yoga they can have at the Holistic Health Spa.
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