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Could someone go their whole life without a bra

by:Douai     2020-06-10
Why is this? Well it wasn't until relatively recently that we had more than three cup sizes, so lack of lingerie knowhow has led many women to wear that same bra size the whole of their lives. Which, when you think about how much our bodies change over a lifetime, is ridiculous. Take action - why not put an afternoon aside to take your mother, mother-in-law or friend bra shopping? Have lunch and go shopping, hit all of your favourite lingerie shops.(Just ensure you don't put your newly lingerie enlightened friend off by going to a horrid old-fashioned department store where the changing rooms are tiny and dirty and the assistants are surly and useless.) Then once you've purchased the desired lingerie, head for a glass of bubbly to celebrate the occasion. It's comparable in a way to your early teens when a mum takes her daughter to be bra-fitted for the first time - full of nerves and a little embarrassed but it's a bonding session and an initiation into womanhood. It's a really lovely moment in a mother and daughter relationship. The comfort and confidence a sexy lingerie set gives you is really incomparable. A sexy supportive bra helps with posture and makes you walk with your shoulders back and tall. A seductive lingerie set makes you ooze sex appeal and confidence without you even trying. Try, for example, buying a new set of lingerie - something you love, perhaps in your favourite colour or with delicate detailing or fabulously naughty. Wear it with suspenders or hold-ups and it's guaranteed that it will put a serious spark in the bedroom. Women get it so wrong sometimes when it comes to lingerie: they buy it for their man rather than buying it for them. Buy it, love it, wear it and be it. If you're buying lingerie that you like, it will be worn, it won't just come out on special occasions. It seems so sad that there are lingerie drawers out there with sexy lingerie in them that have only seen the light of a candle and a bedroom floor once or twice. After all, what's the point of lingerie if not to be worn?
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