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Giulietta & Romeo half marathon has reached this

by:Douai     2020-07-07
On the website dedicated to the event, Giuliettae Romeo half marathon. It, the countdown for 17th February has already begun. Every year many athletes wait anxiously for the marathon. In 2012, more than 4.000 contestants take part in the marathon, 250 were foreigners coming either from Italy or all over the world. Giulietta & Romeo half marathon is the first event of the year organized by Half marathon Tour. During the year Half marathon Tour plan five different half marathons: first Rome & Giulietta, then Piacenza, Monza, Cremona, and the last one is Garda Trentino half marathon. The aim of Half marathon Tour is to gather all the Italian sporting associations on various appointments. The associations that take part in these marathons with their runners gathers many points on the basis of the arrival number at the final line and at the end of the year, the sporting association that has gained more points during the five half marathons, will receive a prize of 1.500 E. Online, there is also the map of the marathon course that includes the crossing of Porta Vescovo, Sottoriva, near the cathedral, Borgo Trento, Porta San Zeno, Stadio, Porta Palio, San Zeno Basilica, Ponte Scaligero, Porta Borsari, Duomo, Piazza dei Signori, Piazza delle Erbe and the last step is through the arena and the finish line is situated in Piazza Bra. The marathon is 21 km long and the start is scheduled at 10.00 o'clock at the sport centre of Verona, the finishing line is in piazza Bra three hours after the start. The prize-giving ceremony will be on Sunday 17th February 2013 at 12.30; just the first ten athletes who reach the finish line will be awarded. Giulietta & Romeo half marathon is a sort of meeting place and above all a sporting occasion. Only eighteen years old athletes can take part in the marathon. Moreover, Duo Half marathon is also scheduled during Giulietta & Romeo half marathon: it is a relay where two runners run together, the first runs for 16 km and the other one for 6 km. The two athletes must be a man and woman, this marathon is not competitive and timed. At Verona sports hall, there will be an Expo with many exhibitors, stands, and a free parking place of 1.000 m2. Moreover, if you arrive from a distance place there is the possibility of staying in a hotel in Verona; on the website there is a list of the hotels that have an agreement with this event.
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