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How many people in Douai Lingerie export department?
Shanghai Douai Lingerie Co., Ltd. is enlarging employee numbers In the export department. Our export department tracks the export of stretch lace panties through a regular set of regulations and policies. All employees in our export department are qualified to provide you with professional service.

Douai Lingerie is undoubtedly a top company in best sports bra field. lacy panties series manufactured by Douai Lingerieinclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The design of Douai Lingeriebest no panty line underwear takes many physical and chemical properties into consideration. They are strength, durability, handle, elasticity, colorfastness, luster, friction properties, moisture absorbance, heat isolation, abrasion resistance, etc. The product is a must-have for keeping the body sanitary. The use of this product helps strengthen operators' experience or deeps their technical know-how, which enables them to have vast knowledge on the use of machines. The product can be hand or machine washable.

Under the guidance of our team’s view of best no panty line underwear, we more firmly implement the development strategy for the benefits of company. Welcome to visit our factory!
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