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by:Douai     2020-05-01
So, mentioned below are some points which can help you to make bed cover: 1)While making bed covers, determine the size of your bed, as per you can make the bed covers. You can try out various measurement tools which can help you out in knowing the exact size of bed and can prepare the bed cover. 2)Select good fabric for your bed covers. The top sheet can be fashion, solid or print fabric. Or also you can even make your own fabric. Bottom fabric can be very comfortable for your bed and also for your skin. 3)Preparing the top and bottom pieces can be great to bring it in bed size. Most of the fabrics are not sold according to the width of the bed cover, but you can attach two pieces to meet the size. After finishing it, use solid piece in the centre and two side pieces to complete the width. But make it sure; you iron the two pieces before attaching the two. 4)Now sew both the top and bottom pieces together. Later, align and pin two pieces together and sew half inch seam along the two sides and top edge of the cover. 5)Sew button holes with the distance of six inches on the bottom part where two pieces have not been sewn together. Attach the buttons on the top sheet. Your bed cover is ready now. There are also some other techniques that can be used to make bed cover, and have comfortable sleep. To get more knowledge about baby bedding and other factoid, visit the bed cover site.
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