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by:Douai     2020-05-03
Sales Assistants Why is it that lingerie assistants are either: a) so young and perfect bodied that they have never had any problems with lingerie (and, in fact, don't have to even wear a bra), or b) much older, don't listen and are too practical for any fun and frivolity? Lingerie assistants or bra-fitters should feel as though they are your best friend, someone you can feel comfortable talking to, someone you can tell your issues with lingerie to - someone, in short, who listens, understands and solves. They must be knowledgeable about the fit, different bra and breast shapes, trends in lingerie and know a few tricks, too. The Fitting Room Every women dreads the thought of harsh lighting, dodgy mirrors and stained carpets - no wonder the majority of women are wearing the wrong bra size. What is required is a generously sized fitting room, with good, natural lighting (no trickery), a large mirror with the option of seeing yourself from behind as well as just the front, three hangers (one for your clothes, one for the lingerie to try on, one for the lingerie you've decided against and one for the lingerie you love), a seat, shelf to put your bag on and a finally some way of efficiently getting hold of the assistant. Again: is it really too much to ask? The Little Extras There should be a few little extras which really make the difference, take the pain out of lingerie shopping and turn it into luxury lingerie shopping. There is a difference between buying boring white knickers to investing in luxury lingerie. It's the whole package, from lovingly wrapping your purchases in tissue and boxes with bows to selling accessories like silk stockings, scented candles and blindfolds. These little extras complete the whole wonderful experience so you wear your chosen lingerie with a knowing smile.
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