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Shanghai Douai Lingerie Bra Products

Shanghai Douai Lingerie Bra Products


Upgraded latex cotton trackless undershirt vest type small bra for summer sport

1. 3D hydraulic draping,Waxy seamless fabric, skin-friendly, delicate and soft texture, motion and shake - proof, no sliding shoulder. 


2. Bacteriostatic anti-mite cup, The latex bra pad can protect the skin, make the skin safe and secure, absorb wet air, and not be afraid of summer.


3. Full time bra, no underwire, suitable for daily wear, sleep, pregnancy, exercise, go out to breathe, wear as if not wearing.


4. All-in-one seamless plate, all-In-one draping, condensation point technology, hydraulic 3D plate and skin fit, no pressure, no restraint, wearing like not wearing.


5. Scientific matching fabric, soft and skin-friendly, light and breathable, delicate and soft, comfortable to wear without any trace of allergy.


6. Waxy feeling comfortable back, three-dimensional one-piece seamless cutting, the whole light, breathable and not stuffy, soft and close-fitting comfort, smooth back fat, beautify back lines.


7. Product details, three rows and two buttons, adjustable tightness, no pressure on the back, non-slip and no running position


8. Latex cotton, removable chest pad, breathable and comfortable.


Detachable shoulder straps

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