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by:Douai     2020-07-10
The most important thing to remember in buying lingerie is to make sure you get the right size. Ill-fitting lingerie especially when to small could make her feel like sausage stuffed in a casing. That would make her feel totally embarrassed especially standing in front of a mirror. It's best to go a little bigger and remove the size tag. Women hate feeling fat and nothing you say will change that, believe me. A good idea is to write down some of the brands and sizes she wears and take it from their, because all companies that make lingerie sizes differently To begin shopping for sexy lingerie you need to decide what it is you would like to buy her. Do you want something sheer or skimpy? Something to wear to bed or under her day wear? You should check what kind of lingerie she has in her drawers, what she likes, colors and material, and most important waist size and bra size. Also if you can, check the magazines and catalogs like Victoria Secret or Cosmopolitan for some ideas. When you arrive at the store, canvas the store to see what's available. Put the sales people to work, ask for their opinions. Tell them what she likes. Is it for night or day wear? If it's for wearing during the day, make sure you get the right bra size and style, be absolutely sure about that because a woman needs a bra that fits properly and gives full support. Lace shows through many shirt materials so she may prefer something seamless if the lingerie is to be worn during the day and stick to a beige color too. Panty lines could ruin an outfit so thongs would be a good way to go. Sexy costumes are a fantastic chose for sexual encounters in the bedroom. Try a nurses, school girl, French maid, or biker babe costumes. These usually come with the lingerie and all the accessories. Some of the costumes use corsets as their main attraction which is a spectacular turn-on and makes the woman feel sexy. If you feel apprehensive about buying lingerie and hoping your girl likes it, try getting her a sexy robe in satin or silk. Or buy her simple pajamas, something that's warm and cuddly. On warm nights a tank top and boy shorts are a real turn on. There simple and alluring not to mention the ease of buying. (small, medium, large). You could by a team jersey and just let her wear that to bed or wear one of your button down shirts, it's that simple. Some lingerie should be washed before wearing due to the spandex in it. They should be washed in cool water with gentle soap and hang to dry, please do not use a dryer!! Read the label inside the garment and ask the sales people for information on the care of it when purchasing. Congratulations, you made it through this article!! I hope it shed some light on this intimate subject.
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