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sun run: if the sports bra fits, run with it

by:Douai     2019-12-15
The only thing worse than buying a bikini is probably buying a bra
Up to 80 women wear the wrong bra size.
When it comes to running bras, you can do permanent damage to your lovely breasts if your size is wrong.
\"No matter how small you are, a bra is needed for running,\" said Linda Barr, director of Vancouver\'s Diane underwear.
Barr, a runner, saw a lot of exercise during her short trip around the Haitang.
\"People always talk about shoes.
Bras are as important as shoes.
Running without proper support can lead to a \"jogger breast\", also known as a runner.
Repeated up and down and side-by-side movements cause the Cooper ligament (the connected tissue that supports the breast) to stretch or tear.
The damage to the Cooper ligament is irreversible.
I am standing in the dressing room of the South Granville Diane underwear, wearing my regular day bra, black lace number.
It cuts on the shoulders, rides behind and squeezes in all the wrong places.
Like my bra, very uncomfortable.
I\'m one of the 80 points cited in 2004 studies conducted in the United States. S.
But we should suffer for beauty, right? Wrong.
Diane specializes in sports bras and sweets for a reason --
Stylish choice of shop array: lace-covered bras, straps made of little daisies, Orange, lavender and nude bras.
The sports bra is like a daily bra and needs the right accessories, Barle explains.
But I was always scared to go to a store like this.
It took me a lifetime to find the right bra
Amazing things-by myself.
Barr explained that for the bra
Service is not the best choice.
At Diane, everyone on the floor is an expert fitter: they \'ve seen everything, installed everything, fixed everything.
Like the doctor, Bar\'s bra is also very good.
The size soon made me feel much better.
I admit that my way to buy a running bra is to squeeze into the tightest bra I can find --
My compression style is too tight right now, with few moves.
It is designed and sold in a popular yoga clothing store and it hurts a lot.
Linda handed me a running bra.
This is a seamless microfibre style of \"Anita active\" with clips, fairly wide shoulder straps and two cups.
It looks almost like a normal bra, a smooth bra that you wear under T-
But Lynda says the shirt is suitable for high-impact sports.
The straight pressure type I \'ve been wearing may not be healthy: The point is to keep everything normal, but cutting off your blood circulation can have a negative impact on health.
I\'ll try it on.
\"In the band, most people get too big,\" she said . \".
In fact, the size of the bra I usually wear is very large.
Barr put me in a bra.
It\'s bigger than what I usually wear and smaller than what I usually wear.
It\'s a miracle of comfort.
She tightened the straps so the Cup could fit smoothly. “Ninety-
\"The percentage of support comes from the tape,\" she explained . \".
I jumped on and off. Nothing moves.
I even look a little big.
Strangely, I felt a feeling of emotion, gratitude, relief, and even a little celebration.
My eyes began to wander.
With my perfect figure, maybe I can also immerse myself in some ridiculous and beautiful candy on the shelf.
Lynda said, \"That\'s why I like my job.
This happens at least once a day.
\"What she said is what I feel now: this professional bra accessory not only changes the size of the bra I wear.
It changes the way I see myself.
I\'m running with it.
Dryan @ swiversun.
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