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university walks back ban on sports bras for female athletes

by:Douai     2019-12-25
After all, girls can run freely.
Rowan University has relaxed about sports bras and clarified its established oral policy on clothing after a student
Athletes in New Jersey have criticized the school\'s policy of banning women from wearing shirts in games or training.
\"Rowan\'s sports department has a long-standing verbal agreement that all athletes must wear shirts, even during practice,\" the university\'s president, Ali hushude, said in a statement on Friday.
\"The oral policy was adopted in order to maintain certain standards throughout the project for men and women.
The recent explanation of the university\'s new employee\'s oral policy led Gina Capone to post on Odyssey Online on Thursday, Hoshmand said, attacking Rowan\'s ban on women athletes wearing sports bras that don\'t wear shirts.
\"If you\'re running in a sports bra, you must be asking, right? ” Capone wrote.
\"It\'s true, according to a football player at Rowan University.
I\'ll let you know the real reason women wear sports bras, it\'s not to show off our effortsearned abs.
Woman, is there six?
Pack or not and run in a sports bra because, frankly, it\'s hot outside.
\"The little boy is\" heartbroken \"because it is said that the airport will not let him bring a stuffed snake on PLANECapone, she said that she and her teammates wear a sports bra because of their training\" demanding, challenging and energetic \"-this is not at all a way to show men their bodies.
\"Of the 15 Luowen University women\'s cross-country athletes, everyone believes that running in sports bras should be allowed in practice,\" Capone wrote . \".
\"Even those girls who don\'t take part in the naked run in practice still believe that the rest of the team should be allowed to wear anything they feel confident about.
The ban on male and female athletes to practice and compete naked stems from \"trying to teach all of our athletes to a certain standard, university spokesman Joe Cardonatold Cherry Hill ExpressPost.
But according to houshdemand\'s statement, Rowan will now develop a written policy that will allow female athletes to wear sports bras that do not wear shirts during practice.
\"Rowan Athletics will continue to follow the NCAA uniform guidelines during the race,\" the statement continued . \".
\"In the new formal policy, there will be no restrictions on sports bras without shirts as practice clothing.
The university recognizes that while oral policy attempts to set standards, it may be misunderstood and not adapted to the practice of physical training today.
Capone also accused Rowan\'s sports department of preventing the women\'s off-road team from practicing on the University track because it \"distracted the attention of the players present\" at the same time
\"It seems like it\'s not enough for these women to no longer be able to run in a sports bra, and now they\'re no longer allowed to run on the runway,\" Capone wrote . \".
\"These girls are now authorized to run on the local high school track on Fitness Day.
Meanwhile, the university objected to Capone\'s allegations in another statement, saying she had just said something wrong.
The university policy allows only one team to use the practice facility at any given time, the statement said.
\"In the fall, during the football season, the designated practice time for the off-road team to use the stadium was after the football team used the facility,\" the statement wrote . \".
\"The off-road coach doesn\'t like to schedule exercises later in the day, and he has historically worked out an alternative plan for the team to use the Glassboro High School runway, right across the street from Rowan Stadium.
\"Follow us on FACEBOOK and learn more about Fox Lifestyle News rowan\'s off-road team recently found that the Glassboro High School facility was unexpectedly locked when the team was still there, prompted the team to practice in the university football field.
At the same time, Capone said the policy change was \"a step in the right direction,\" but was disappointed that the track and field team had to focus on the football team\'s practice schedule.
Capone told The Courier: \"The purpose of my article is not to make Rowan look bad --\"Post.
\"I want to clarify the fact that the sports department is unfair . . . . . . I hope this will raise awareness and give other women the courage to defend their beliefs.
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