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we rank the best and worst sports bras for a productive workout… from h&m to primark and nike

by:Douai     2019-11-23
January is coming to an end. what\'s important is that you don\'t slack off in the new year.
A fit solution-a good, supportive sports bra is essential for any workout.
The right style will get you back to the steps of the gym, so we have 32 DD fitness fan Ava Jones tested five commercial street and sportswear brands.
She tried each one on the trampoline and rated their support, comfort and design.
Here she tells Hayley Forrest whether it\'s an exciting experience or a completely disappointing one.
Ava said: \"I like the high neck mouth-black is perfect to disguise any sweat marks.
\"The design is cool and simple.
\"This is definitely a fitness exercise --gear staple.
\"It\'s just a shame, though, that it\'s not adjustable and that support is fairly average.
\"However, the overall fit is very good and comfortable to wear, even jumping on the trampoline.
Rating: 7/10Ava said: \"I like the size of the bra, not the size of the skirt.
\"There are three adjustable straps at the back, so it fits better than the others.
\"Don\'t worry about my chest running away-don\'t pull your head over when sweating.
\"The design is not as good as other designs, but comfortable.
Rating: 9/10Ava said: \"It\'s a very stylish style.
I want to wear it.
\"It opens at the back and gets extra points, so it\'s easy to get on and off.
\"The only problem is that it doesn\'t have much support and the fabric is thin, although it\'s comfortable to wear.
\"It also gave me an amazing cleavage.
Rating: 6/10Ava said: \"Sadly this sports bra doesn\'t offer much support but I have to admit that the price is very competitive.
\"It\'s really nice to sleep in this bra because it\'s very comfortable, but the comfortable material is why it\'s not so supportive.
\"Unfortunately it was made of very soft cotton and it couldn\'t hold my chest.
Rating: 4/10Ava said: \"I like the color, it\'s a simple, classic color --
Sports bra.
\"The fabric is so cute, it feels very expensive.
\"This support is as reliable as professional sports brands like Nike.
\"But when I jumped up and down inside, I felt 100 insecure.
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