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What color (size, type, specification) is available for short camisole bra in Douai Lingerie?
Short camisole bra can be supplied in a variety of colors, sizes and specifications to the customers by Shanghai Douai Lingerie Co., Ltd.. We understand there will be demands for various parameters, so we work hard to develop a product with the help of various manufacturing machines. There will be some photos shown on the official website for reference. If you do not expect the desired style, please contact us to learn more information about the product customization. We are a professional manufacturer to tackle any specification problems for you.

There is no other companies like Douai Lingerie to always keep the leader in the market of best sports bra. bra and panties series manufactured by Douai Lingerieinclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. The product has a hypo-allergenic property. The allergen on the ingredients are almost removed, thus, fewer allergic reactions would occur. It is a perfect gift for ladies who attache importance to underwear. The product can have a positive impact on a company’s efficiency, enabling employees to work faster and increase productivity. Made of tough yet elastic nylon and spandex blend, the product has remarkable stretching performance.

Douai Lingerie will consistently execute the business theory of bodycare seamless bra. Get more info!
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