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When a girl transforms and graduates to womanhood

by:Douai     2020-07-17
Many a time when a girl buys a sanitary napkin from the neighborhood store she feels a sense of discomfort. But this should not be a deterrent as it happens to every girl at various stages. A good sanitary napkin should be used and disposed of in the bin and never in the flush. There are people who may appear rather embarrassed to get rid of this with their daily trash, but this is better than a clogged drain. Rural folk in developing countries have not really experienced using a sanitary pad and are privy to unhygienic conditions. Because of this problem there have been many unassuming entrepreneurs who have taken it on themselves to educate the female folk. By ensuring that they use eco friendly fibers they make sure that the sanitary pad is well within the price range of the village and poorer sections of urban society. There are stories that this generation has heard from their grandparents who have used the old cloth pads. This was used as a menstruation pad and once it was soaked they washed it and hung it to dry. In the good old days and perhaps some sections of society as well now, women are not allowed inside the kitchen during their period. One can debate the issue but the objective is to ensure that irrespective of the sentiment adequate hygiene is implemented and suitable menstruation pads are used that absorb well. During that time of the month when a lady has heavy flow wearing suitable menstruation panties plays a vital role. Keeping fit is a constant especially in this day and age where nobody would like to have an extra bit of flab stick out. With this in order and with work timings being erratic, women must ensure that their menstruation panties do not leak leaving them redfaced with embarassment. There are ladies who have been opting for tampons for a while now as they insist on the absorbency being better than the average menstrual pad. However, there isn't everyone who would jump onto this bandwagon. There are so many sizes and with wings available from practically every brand available in the market. This makes it so much easier for the average lady who can pick and choose the size of her menstrual pad. When a lady is menstruating she invariable feels an immense sense of discomfort. In fact prior to her getting her period for the month she displays symptoms unique to her like perhaps a bloated tummy, headache, pimples, mood changes, etc. Once her menses occurs every lady ensures that she has a well stocked range of underwear for period. Even though the underwear cabinet has a set of lacy boy shorts, designer thongs or the like, a must have is a range of underwear for period.
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