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by:Douai     2020-06-03
Buy only clothes that perfectly fit you The number one rule when looking for the best plus size dress is to avoid choosing one with the wrong size, or else, you will end up looking larger than your real size. Wearing too large clothes make you look even larger while too tight clothing makes your lumps and bulges more visible. Don't forget to fit the dress before buying it. Look for items that will hide body flaws Since you are a plus size woman, you need to look for clothes that hide your excess pounds or actual size. If it is your tummy that you want to hide, look for flattering tunics and avoid wearing skin tight vests. Another big no-no for plus size women are mini-skirts. A floaty skirt will hide your chunky thighs best. However, floaty skirts make baggy women look even larger. Wear the right underwear It may sound weird, but underwear largely affects a woman's look. If you have no fat in your body, g-strings and thongs are good for you. But if you are a plus size woman who wants to look skinny figure, choose underwear with supportive styles that will help bring in the tummy. A well-fitted bra creates a slimmer, smoother figure. Set enough time to choose appropriate bra in an underwear store. Don't ever buy underwear with the wrong size it will just ruin your outfit. Highlight your assets If you are an overweight woman with a beautiful slender neck, highlight your asset with an eye catching necklace or any other accessories. You may also go for a sleeveless top that will draw attention to your toned arms. Be poised Your posture largely affects your look, so, be confident with your outfit. Stand up straight, pull your shoulders back, and your stomach in. Practice your posture by walking while balancing a book on your head. You can check your posture by looking in the mirror and ensuring you're not hunched over. Working on your posture is perhaps the most important pointer for all women. Go for black elements Always keep in mind that black makes everyone look slimmer and hides muffin tops and belly fat. So, go for elegant black dresses that will surely make you look smaller. In addition, black clothes go well with nice colored jewelries, belt, and shoes.
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