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yoga\'s outer self, all dressed up

by:Douai     2020-01-07
Take a look at the \"yoga stream\" course for Santa Monica yoga work, and it\'s clear that it\'s not a regular workout crowd.
Gym without Rough Sweat and stainingshirts here.
Instead, there are a lot of tight-fitting campets and tanks decorated with Buddha statues or ties.
Dyeing pattern and body
Tight leggings in the middle
The hips reveal a complex tattoo of the lower back.
With the rapid expansion of the popularity of yoga and the rapid rise of studios like Starbucks franchises, yoga has slowly entered the mainstream and lost its fashionable fragrance
A reputation for fragrance
Along the way, it spawned a large number of related products, including yoga mats, yoga bags ---
There are a lot of clothes.
This proliferation of clothes seems to run counter to yoga principles, such as focusing on your own heart, but not everyone is bothered by some new active marketing campaigns.
\"There will always be companies that will see how far they can go in developing something,\" said Max Strom, director of Yoga and rehabilitation Holy Sports Center in Venice . \".
\"If they start making sexy lace tops for yoga, I think it will interfere with what we\'re doing here. . . .
But we do need clothes and there are some things that are done for yoga right now, which is good.
I don\'t see any problem. \"Independent L. A.
Yoga instructor Barbara Simon noticed that there are yoga costumes in almost all the catalogues that fall in her mailbox ---
Including Victoria\'s secrets.
\"It would be great if people wanted to take advantage of the opportunities they saw,\" she said . \"
\"Some people come in tights and T-shirts.
Some people wear the most fashionable clothes.
I don\'t care if people need to wear anything to do yoga.
We must seek truth from facts.
We live in a contemporary society. it doesn\'t matter what we wear. what matters is what we do and how we feel about ourselves.
\"The clothes people wear for yoga are very different depending on the type and location of the studio.
Production Accountant Victoria Gregory from Marina del Rey attends yoga classes at two yoga locations in Santa Monica and Angel City in Studio City, noting the obvious differences between studios.
\"In the yoga work on Montana Avenue, it could be a scene,\" she said.
People will wear more clothes in the City of Angels.
Over the past few years, I have noticed a change in the way people dress.
They are wearing something more lovely with small straps or hangers on them.
It looks like they spent their money on clothes.
\"While fashion may not be the first thing to do with yoga, everyone is producing yoga costumes from the Target store to Nike to Donna Karan, brands such as Hard Tail and OMgirl are popular items in yoga studio boutiques.
This is all of it.
A mature niche, including a camper with delicate Asian styleand Indian-
Inspired graphics, lowrise boot-
Cropped stretch trousers and cropped T-shirts.
Items including hats and jackets, skirts and even shoes are for after-sales service
Go for coffee, work or errands.
Prices range from $25 to $80 or more.
Athlete a is a kind of women\'s sports clothing, its yoga
The friendly Essentials range has grown from 4 in 1996 to more than 15 in the current catalogue.
\"People like to have fun in yoga suits and they are looking for some kind of personality,\" said Jodi Petlin, general manager of Santa Monica yoga.
\"People wear a lot of bright colors ---
Red, blue and yellow some look like a draw
Dye on it or have something like a Buddha statue.
Sometimes class looks like a Crayola box.
But clothes are also very practical.
\"The right structure and fabric is an integral part of a yoga suit, which is usually sold in a yoga studio boutique.
Stretching and maintaining various postures requires clothes that are not tied, exposing the body without too much exposure, making the wearer feel cool and comfortable.
For example, in Bikram yoga, the thermostat is raised to the sauna level.
Yoga suits are available for natural fiber blends such as cotton/Lecca and moisture
The core absorbs microfibers.
Tara Sculley, head of design and sales at Van Nuys, said: \"We considered what women need when practicing yoga
Headquartered in Carushka, it specializes in dance and sportswear.
\"If you have a pair of pants that are very wide and full legs, it may prevent you from posing.
As for the neckline, you need some support so you don\'t fall off the top, but the fabric needs to be softer than a lot of active wear, so that when you do the pose, it can move with you.
Some fitness tops ride up as you move, so you can\'t pose if you pull it. \"Spaghetti-
Popular items cammed pants and sleeveless tops usually come with built in
To eliminate the need for a sports bra, in the shelf bra.
The pants have a lanyard or elastic waist that can be folded down to the hips.
Although comfort is a goal, it is also a goal to be able to show the lines of the body.
Design also plays an important role.
Most yoga costumes have some relevant graphics on top and jacket, such as Chinese calligraphy or India and Asia
Inspired graphics.
Carushka\'s current product line includes bold neon lights
Colorful Buddha statues and rainbow accents.
KA Yogawear uses contemporary renderings of yoga poses on top of it and in front of the unit.
Sato sports also uses Buddha in contemporary collage graphics, as well as Yin-yang symbols--
And some extra stuff.
Jennifer Baca, the owner and designer, explains: \"Sometimes we print small\" notes \"in our clothes, such as\" what to do today: Breathe in, breathe out, breathe in \"or\"
People like it.
I think people are more open to Eastern philosophy than they were 10 years ago.
Now people are asking for Buddha.
\"About 15 million people practice yoga in the United States. S.
The figure doubled in 1994, according to Yoga Magazine.
Mike May, communications director, sporting goods manufacturer Assn.
He said he had seen more yoga.
Specific clothing displayed at the group\'s annual trade show.
Known for producing a variety of gear from running to basketball, Nike quietly launched four studio/yoga collections a year and a half ago.
Now 15 years old, there are often significant displays in the Nike goddess store.
\"I think women are keen on yoga costumes because it\'s an attractive, feminine sportswear,\" said Robin Sheppard, Product Line Manager for women\'s training apparel . \".
\"There is an element of relaxation without your boyfriend or husband\'s sweat pants.
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