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you\'re probably wearing the wrong sports bra

by:Douai     2019-12-31
The bra is complex, with the size of the Cup and the size of the strap, as well as those complicated straps and covers.
But the sports bra is simple. -right? Wrong.
It turns out that those stretchy underwear are as much as regular bras, but we often don\'t give them enough attention.
We talked to Bobby Smith, a bra accessories specialist At Freshpair, who told us that we should not only customize the sports bra
We got it wrong.
Most of us wear compression bras, the \"uniboob\" bra.
Compression bra is the basic sports bra we are used to, and it is a bra that brings us the shape of \"uniboob.
However, these bras do not achieve the main goal of the sports bra: to limit the overall movement of the breast.
Compression bra limits input onlyand-
The breast leaves the chest and moves toward the chest.
But the researchers found that the breasts are actually through a complex figure --
8 mode, \"go down to one side, then go up to the other side.
This kind of sports strain Cooper\'s ligament, which is the connected tissue that keeps the breast healthy.
But we should wear a packaged bra with a cup that limits breast movement.
\"The compression bra holds only the breast tissue,\" Bobby told us . \".
But the encapsulated bra has a separate cup for each breast, just like a regular bra.
\"The packaged sports bra limits cross-motion and helps protect Cooper\'s ligaments,\" explains Bobby . \".
This limits the strain, otherwise it will result in loss of elasticity. . . and sagging.
The kind person will let the breast lift to repair.
Even women with small breasts need a sports bra that is packaged.
\"It is very important to emphasize that the size of the bust image will not be different!
Bobby told us.
\"Even if you have a cup, it\'s still very important to have a style of encapsulation.
With a small chest, you can damage the ligaments like other ligaments, while a small, drooping chest is not attractive.
\"We should buy packaged sports bras of normal size (32A, 34D, etc).
To ensure that the cup on the encapsulated bra limits movement as much as possible, fit must be perfect.
\"You should never buy a sports bra in a size range,\" Bobby said . \" He means small, medium, large, etc.
\"You should buy a sports bra of your actual size.
\"That means the Cup should be the right size and the straps at the back should be horizontal rather than riding on the back.
Your sports bra should have a real closure instead of just pulling your head over.
\"If you can pull your sports bra to your head and put it on your shoulder, it\'s definitely not strong enough to support your chest,\" Bobby said . \".
\"Think about how wide your shoulders are.
If you can squeeze it in your chest, it won\'t support you.
\"So, look for a sports bra with a tight back closure ---
Bobbie explained that the front covers are not ideal because they usually have only one set of hooks, so you can\'t tighten it as the bra stretches.
\"Then the life of the bra can be said to be only one hook long,\" she said . \".
It should be made of breathable, damp material
It is not ordinary cotton, but the material of the core suction.
\"COOLMAX technology and moisture proof
\"Core suction performance is very important because if you\'re doing a great job,\" explained Bobby.
Affect activity, especially if your chest is fuller, there is often friction. \" A moisture-
Sweat-draining fabric can help limit this damage.
In short, we all get older and the chest gets bigger as we get older.
\"This connection organization will not last forever,\" she said . \".
\"But if we don\'t support ourselves when we\'re active, deterioration can happen too early.
So basically, we want to postpone it as long as possible.
\"It means wearing the correct sports bra.
Here are some suitable bras: Want more?
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