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by:Douai     2019-12-24
The difficult part was completed.
As the big day approaches, weeks of endless training, frustrating injuries, sore legs and long runs in the rain are finally over.
If you are new to the scene, you may have spent months researching what to buy and what to wear on big days.
If this is your second nature, you will probably go.
If you like it in your bag, you may not be willing to change it;
However, it is always worth taking a look.
In the past few years, the sports market has grown by leaps and bounds, with no signs of slowing down.
As trainers, we are always open to new children in the neighborhood;
However, for sports like running, it is important to put practicality above aesthetics, especially when playing.
The first is the trainer. . .
Obviously, right? No.
It\'s no secret that the \"fashion\" trainer has dominated the site and surpassed sales. But your back-to-
Through years of research and product development, basic brands have earned their mark in the industry.
While fashion and efficiency can\'t work together, that\'s not to say.
The London marathon is just around the corner. let\'s take a look at some of the best running essentials and accessories. .
Adidas Ultra BoostOur ES\'s biggest recommendation for a sturdy, durable and protective shoe is Adidas Ultra Boost.
When the upper is holding the socks
Just like the fit around the foot, it has the ability to shape as you run, making sure you get a vibrant spring for every big step.
Not to mention, their latest design is the most sustainable design made of Parry marine plastic.
Definitely worth the investment. £159.
95 | Adidas | Buy It Now. the Lulu Lemon speed gear on your list needs a pair of running tights that you feel comfortable with next.
According to twice the health, leading fitness influencers Emily and Hannah are good at nutrition, personal training, and above all;
Running, \"when it comes to leggings, put on it and have a feature that we can\'t let go. . .
Nothing is more frustrating than having to suck your pants up every three steps, so you rarely see us running anything other than Lulu lemon Dash.
Although this is an investment, with easy access pockets, sweat removal techniques and comfortable fit, these are definitely worth buying for more stable runners. £98.
00 | Lululemon | buy the nowReebok high impact sports bra on the absolute essentials list.
The impact is the key, it is not worth it!
From someone who has been trying different sports bras all his life, I can definitely appreciate it when I see a good strap back and floral pattern;
However, when you are close to 15 miles, it is a question of \"I give up now, try again next year\" or \"can I overcome this pain, you don\'t want to overwhelm your decision with a rubbed belt and loss of chest support.
Reebok high impact sports bra stands comfortably on the market at a reasonable price, specifically providing athletes with support for running and running training.
It is made up of Speedwick technology to help your body resist sweat.
With a comfortable, sturdy molded Cup and strong bounce control support, this is an obvious option, not to mention a great creative mesh board at the back, which also provides great ventilationAn all-
If you ask me£34.
95 | Reebok | buy all train bras for Sweaty Betty now we also like to sweat all train bras for Betty.
With a specific internal front panel and airtex Cup, it can prevent rebound and support is very high.
It\'s a perfect choice for those who start sprinting or running long distances. £60.
00 | Sweaty Betty | buy now-
Without the luxury of the London summer heat wave, FitKnitFor future training tips, make sure you get a good long sleeve training top.
There\'s nothing worse than wrapping the jump line around your waist or weighing too much to drag you down.
We recomend the Nike Dri-fit
Fitted knitted women\'s clothing
The sleeve runs the top as it is super smooth and installed, but the perfect breathability is also very light, so it does not cause deterioration.
Comfort is the key, of course. £47.
47 | Nike | buy it now, socks!
Easy to forget, but very bad for getting the best time in the most comfortable way.
After talking to leading sports retailers who actively support a variety of athletes, their brand is the position.
Every sock is low.
The contour pad allows for a proper amount of compression and breathability, and is also made with sweat fibers to help maintain unwanted moisture.
We love the Tabata Tab series because it is a perfect combination of performance and style.
Check out our full edit of the best running socks here. £10.
00 | active in style | buy it now and see what\'s interesting.
If you want to run seriously, you have to get a good set of headphones and a great training watch because how else can you keep track of your progress?
Not to mention following your route (
It\'s harder than it looks! ).
Garmin Forerunner645MSo, start; a watch.
We recommend the Garmin Forerunner 645 M-GPS running watch.
Not only does it allow standard heart rate and route tracking, it also includes advanced running dynamics such as contact time balance, stride, vertical ratio, and up to 500 songs.
For anyone who thinks that competitive running is a sport or wants to improve technology, this is an obvious choice.
£ 469 | Garmin | in terms of headphones, buy powerbeats 3 wireless headphones immediately and it is important not to be swayed by the latest toys in town.
Innovation is the key;
However, sticking to a trusted brand within the industry is always a safe bet.
The Powerbeats 3 wireless headset will be our first choice.
Not only for comfort and practicality, but also for sound.
If you breathe more than the beat, it doesn\'t make sense to listen to music.
These are specially designed for the movement of sweat and water.
Resistant to materials.
They are Bluetooth activated and have a long 12-
Only 5-1 battery life
One minute charge time, allowing replay for one hour. £149.
99 | Argos | buy clothing now and check.
Check the electronic equipment.
It\'s time to put a little bit of health into it.
First of all, sunscreen!
We can\'t stress too much, especially how important it is to protect ourselves when running long distances in the summer.
Sunlight has a great impact on your skin.
No one wants to get a bad aesthetic of irony from trying a healthy lifestyle.
We recommend La Roche Posay Anthelios xl spf 50 sticks.
It\'s a perfect height.
This is a compliment to sensitive skin and provides the best protection. £11.
00 | La Roche Posay | buy now
Energy gel is very important and that\'s why. . .
\"Energy gel is a super key to helping replenish the liver and calories burned while running, especially during the marathon.
It\'s important to note that pay great attention to how much you take because you don\'t want to spend more time looking for the toilet than running the real race!
If this is the first time you \'ve taken a gel and haven\'t used it in your training, stick to drinking water and energy drinks, \"said Bradley Simmonds, a major personal trainer, writer and runner.
We recommend Lucozade running gel with 30g of carbohydrates (fuel! )
They are conveniently packed in perfectthe-go format.
They have a unique mixture of glucose and fructose at a ratio of 2: 1, ensuring that energy is delivered to the body only when it is most needed by the body. £26.
99 | Lucozade Sport | buy it now, just a gentle reminder to all the budding athletes. . . .
In preparing for big races like a marathon, it\'s important to lock in the basics, but not just what you wear and who you run.
Your main focus on success also needs to be heavily affected by pre-and post-recovery plans.
This includes mastering a great podcast, training program, mentor, and possibly a physical therapist!
Every week is important.
Performance Athlete\'s lead and training coach Brad Welch is working every day to make sure his clients start the game in the best possible condition.
\"Strength training is of course crucial, but only for customers, everyone has different meanings, and the frequency and method of use will be different,, it is important to try at least once a week to include some power and conditioning.
You don\'t need to run more to be a better runner, but you need to be stronger.
Electricity creates operational efficiency and reduces the likelihood of injury, thus making better use of time!
\"Good luck to all those who take part in the marathon on the weekend!
You just smashed it.
ESBest product reviews are just, independent suggestions you can trust.
In some cases, we get revenue if you click on the link and buy the product, but we will never allow this to affect our coverage.
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