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bmo vancouver marathon health expo on today, with new sports bra fitting booth

by:Douai     2020-01-02
Downtown Vancouver seems to be busier today than usual, as thousands of runners and spectators attend the BMO Vancouver marathon health, sports and lifestyle expo at the convention center before the Sunday marathon.
During the annual event held from Thursday to Saturday, there were more than 100 exhibitors.
Marathon organizers said about 18,000 people participated in several events this year, including marathon, half marathon, relay race and 8-kilometer race.
The new work for this year\'s expo is a booth where women can wear the perfect sports bra.
The booth, run by a Vancouver store called Diane underwear, has several expert staff at hand to help the ladies find the right cup size, and the level of support needed to suit individual running or other activity levels.
For female runners, too little support and painful friction underneath the breasts can be the main problem, says Sharon hails, Diane\'s underwear owner, she believes the Expo will be a good opportunity to help women find bras that really stop rebounding.
\"Whether they are engaged in low, medium or high-impact sports, women need to be well supported,\" she said at the Expo on Saturday . \".
\"If you\'re bouncing around, you\'ll rip the paper towels, which can be very painful and will make you grow older faster.
\"The bra that the Anita brand\'s biggest support bra staff is equipped with for women at the Expo is not cheap, the price is between $79 and $115, but the figure reflects the time it took to test the product, according to company spokesman Mark cassenath.
He said that while some sports bras are priced at $20 because they are relatively cheap to make, they are used because they are high
Technical materials that support and sweat management, need to be tested for active athletes and women of different cup sizes for one month, they exercise at different levels of activity.
Hayles says Anita bras are the most well-designed sports bras on the market because they use a sweat management technique that uses three layers of fabric in bras, inside is a very soft Terry material, very comfortable.
\"The straps are a bit padded and the back is mesh so very flexible,\" she said . \".
The annual Vancouver BMO marathon drew thousands of athletes and spectators into the city center during the first weekend of May Day.
While this is an interesting weekend for many people, it can lead to some traffic problems due to the fact that dozens of roads will be closed.
If you are traveling downtown this weekend, you may want to take a look at the road closure list and plan ahead.
On Saturday, there will be three different routes affecting traffic in Riley Park, Coal Harbour and downtown Vancouver.
Roads in Riley Park, Cambie, Oakridge, Fairview, Kerrisdale, Dunbar, Point gray, Kitsilano, False Creek, Chinatown, Yale Town, West End will close some blocks of the Coal Harbour and downtown on Sunday.
The time for each road to reopen varies, but most roads should be unblocked by the afternoon.
For a complete list of closures and times, visit bmovanmarathon.
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