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Breasts are an important organ that helps to make

by:Douai     2020-05-10
Regular massaging of breasts for 10-15 minutes helps to enhance the size of breast naturally. Massaging helps to increase the circulation. Increased circulation helps the essential nutrients to travel to the breast tissues which help them to grow to optimum size. Massaging also helps in the production of prolactin, which is an important hormone for the growth of breast tissues. Massaging is done by rubbing hands inwards and making a circle around the breasts. Rotate right hand in the clockwise direction and left hand in an anti-clockwise direction. Do massaging regularly for ten minutes on both breasts once in the morning and once in the evening. You may also use some herbal oil to massage on your breast which may provide essential nutrients to your skin and breast tissues that helps in its growth. Proper bra size also helps to increase the size of the breast. It is important to choose proper size of bra for your breasts. Too tight bra may decrease the blood supply to the breast tissue and prove hindrance in their growth. Padded bra is also helpful in providing proper shape and size to the breasts. Thus, bra should be comfortable and easily fitted in your breast. Exercise also helps to strengthen the pectoral muscles and in enhancing the size of the breast naturally. Push-ups are a common exercise to strengthen pectoral muscles and attaining good size of the breasts. Proper clothes also give proper shape to your breasts. Too tight clothes are not recommended as they may reduce the blood supply to breast tissue and hamper their growth. Intake of proper diet plays a key role in attaining good size of breasts. Women should take nutritious diet to provide essential nutrients necessary for the growth of breast tissues. Water is essential for proper hydration of the skin. Thus, it is recommended that women should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day for proper hydration of the skin.
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