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by:Douai     2020-05-24
The Comfortisse Bra vs. Genie Bra Trial When your assets are substantial you have to search out the bras that give excellent support without allowing seams, wires and thick bands to rub your skin raw. That has been my problem since I was a teenager, so I was intrigued when I first saw the Comfortisse Bra on television. I was sceptical that one bra could be so comfortable and yet so affordable, so I went online to do a bit of research. That is when the Comfortisse Bra vs. Genie Bra trial was born. I decided to be the guinea pig and test both bras out before telling my friends. I paid less for 15 bras than I would have paid for 2-3 uncomfortable department store bras, so I figured there wasn't much to lose! Comfortisse Bra vs. Genie Bra: The Fit You won't really know the difference between the Comfortisse and Genie bras until you slip them over your head. They go on much like sports bras, but the material stretches and fits to the shape of my body like no sports bra can fit. Both are designed without seams or wires, so they never rub my skin or poke my ribs. Both bras fit smooth and give adequate support for my well-developed assets, yet my lesser developed girlfriends find them equally as comfortable! There has never been one bra that fit us all equally well, so this is quite impressive. I prefer the Genie bra when I feel a bit naughty, because I can buy it with lace around the bottom and it looks very feminine. The Comfortisse bra comes with a smaller color selection and only has one basic design, so I find it a better fit to everyday wear. They both have their perks! Comfortisse Bra vs. Genie Bra: The Packaged Deal If you want a great deal and spectacular options, I suggest the Genie Bra. The website offers an entire catalogue of colored bras and a nice selection of lace bras, yet I still find the price affordable. The starter package is less than $60 for six bras in white, tan and black, and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so you get some extra support in that department as well. If you're looking for a bargain, I suggest the Comfortisse bra. They are currently offering nine bras for less than $60. This is a limited time offer, and that package includes the pink, blue, white, black and nude bras. The package even comes with a 30 day money back guarantee just in case you don't find them as supportive and comfortable as I have found them. If I could sum up my love for these two bras, I would put it like this: My pricey department store bras pinch and rub my skin and show through my shirts in unflattering ways. Some days I fantasize about getting home and tearing them off. My Genie and Comfortisse Bras have never rubbed my skin and from the outside they look as if I am not even wearing a bra! I often forget to take them off when I get home. It doesn't get much better than that.
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