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Hastens mattresses and beds are manufactured in Sweden

by:Douai     2020-05-19
The all natural mattress has won for the company the prestigious Svan certificate. This is Scandinavia`s environmental certification label which proves that the item has been evaluated using a high set of criteria. These criteria include excellence, function and ecological impression on the environment, with a target of creating a sustainable society.The company is in the fifth generation of non public control, and is committed to excellence rather than cost. Hastens` vision is to bring to the world with the best possible bed. Sure of their ability to accomplish just that, every bed has a 25 year warrantee.To add to your luxury rest experience, Hastens also provides a line of sleep accessories from the high tech Mind Spa to night shirts, bed linens, mattress toppers, down pillows, and headboards. You can even purchase a toy pony as a reminder of Hastens history as a saddle maker. The company name comes from the Swedish word for horse: hast. All there is about the Hastens experience says elegance.Buy a Hastens luxury mattress and you will find that you have acquired a luxury rest experience. The all natural materials will ensure you a safe sleeping environment, and the uplift and comfort of a Hastens mattress is unmatched anywhere. Tanya Wiseman writes articles for:Duxiana Mattress La Canada FlintridgeOr see more information on this blog:Information on Hastens Prices in Sherman Oaks
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