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headaches, painful joints, constant pins and needles and even tummy troubles... is your bra making you ill?

by:Douai     2019-12-15
Are you a sore shoulder, stiff neck or a frequent headache?
Maybe back pain, indigestion or irritable bowel syndrome is the root of your life?
If these diseases sound too familiar, you may be surprised to hear that the root cause of your troubled health problems and discomfort may be your bra.
According to a recent study by bra maker Triumph, although the clothing industry reminds people to measure the size, 76 of us are wearing bras with the wrong size.
Most of the women they surveyed said they never wore bras.
Others admit that they bought the wrong size because they wanted a particular style or color and the size was out of stock.
Some people have even deliberately bought a bra with the wrong size in the hope that it will promote or reduce the cleavage.
But experts say the habit could have some serious consequences for health.
Life and style from peeling to shoulder straps to loose breast cups look at the surprising health problems of the fitted bra. . .
Sami Margo, spokesman for the chartered Physiotherapy Association, said: \"I often find a direct link between my female patient\'s back, neck and posture problems --and their bras.
If the bra is too tight, it creates pressure on the nerves, muscles and blood vessels around the shoulder, upper back and ribs, causing pain, headaches, and even constant pins and needles on the arm.
What\'s more, over time, a bra strap that is worn too tightly day after day may begin to squeeze the shoulder lock joint
At the top of the shoulder-
Affects its range of motion and the functioning of the arm, as well as ongoing pain.
Some studies have also concluded that too tight bras can cause lumps or damage to the skin.
These are caused by the hook on the back of the bra going deep into the skin.
If all you think you have to worry about is that the bra is too small, think about it.
Too loose bras and too spacious cups can cause as many problems as possible.
\"Wearing a bra that does not effectively support the breast can cause posture problems, such as rounded or Hunchback shoulders, because a woman naturally sits and stands awkwardly to make up for her non-support
\"A bra that fits,\" says Sammy Margo . \"
If your cup size is C or larger, then the problem with wearing a loose, unsupported bra can be worse.
The larger, poorly supported breasts will sit on the rib cage and put pressure on the diaphragm, which can cause your breathing problems.
The weight of the breast, coupled with poor posture and sedentary lifestyles, can even aggravate digestive problems such as heartburn and irritable bowel syndrome.
\"Consultant plastic surgeons and breast specialist Ash Mosahebi, spokesperson for the British Association of Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)
She said: \"There are no muscles in the breast.
They are made up of fat, glands and milk tubes, and a network of skin and fine ligaments and connecting tissues is kept in place.
If you insist on wearing a bra that is not the right size and cannot properly support the breast, gravity, pregnancy, hormones and body weight fluctuations, and even exercise can stretch the skin, the structure and supporting ligaments of the breast are more than usual.
The danger is that this can cause serious damage to the size, shape and appearance of your breast.
Many women simply tighten shoulder straps if the bra feels loose or does not support --
The result is often painful.
Julia Mercer, a top bra accessories expert at Marks & Spencer, said the most common misconception about bras is that straps can support our breasts.
Few women realize that they are actually the least important part of a bra.
In fact, almost all the support provided by the bra should come from the straps that surround the rib cage and the breast cup.
The straps are just used to keep everything else in place.
\"Tight straps can put a lot of pressure on the shoulders, cut into the muscles, pull the shoulders and spine forward, put pressure on the nerves, and even affect the flexibility of the shoulders.
Neck headache
Headache associated with neck muscles and joints
Also very common.
Women who constantly wear tight bras may also form permanent ugly grooves on each shoulder. ILL-
Installing wireless underwear that goes deep into the skin or scrapes can rub the skin and even damage delicate breast implants and recent breast implants, Ash Mosahebi said.
\"Insufficient wiring also goes deep into the ribs, causing discomfort and bruises,\" added Sami Margo . \".
The underwear should sit firmly on the rib cage in front and on the side, cupping the breasts.
They should not sit on your breasts or go deep into your breast tissue.
To check if your underwear fits you, put on your bra and press the wire.
If they bounce back, they sit in the breast tissue and you need a bigger cup.
Never continue to wear bras that start working for free in underwear as these are sharp and can easily cut you.
According to Julia Mercer, the wrong shaped bra of different styles is more flat and gives more support to the various contours.
Choosing the right person can only help yourself
Confidence, comfort and the damage that can be done against gravity.
If you have a gap between a wide shoulder and a breast, a balcony bra-
The person who raised the breast from belowwill be best.
If your shoulders are narrow and the gap between the breasts is small, buy a tight bra --
The one that squeezed the breasts together
A better choice.
Very large, heavy breasts will benefit from the firm support of the brapart cups —
Made of two or more pieces of fabric stitched together.
Padded Bra is perfect for giving women with small breasts a little \"va-va-voom’ —
If the pads are removable, it is very helpful for balancing uneven breast sizes.
Don\'t want to wear strong clothes.
Sports bra constantly fit
It can cause breathing problems if you don\'t exercise.
These are designed to keep the breasts in place during physical education or jogging, but should not be excessive
Because they shrink much more than regular bras.
No motor brain studies at Portsmouth University show that when we move, the average upward movement of breasts in three or more parties is 10 cm to 15 cm, so if you want to avoid breast pain, A supportive sports bra is a must.
There are various types of sports bras: some compress the breasts closer to the chest to prevent them from moving, which is great if your chest is larger;
Others that lift, separate, and hold the breast firmly in place are more suitable for the smaller depression.
In order to find you the right sports bra, Professor Joanna skwe of the university breast health research group suggested trying several kinds, then jumping up and down and stretching to see which bra can provide the best support.
Don\'t forget the sports bra-
Same as all bras.
Will lose flexibility over time.
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