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Lingerie makes a woman feel sexy and feminine.

by:Douai     2020-07-13
Origins of Lingerie Lingerie as a sexually appealing undergarment began during the nineteenth century. Prior to that, undergarments were purely for practical uses. Undergarments were designed for style and protection. They were to enhance the female figure, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucille changed all that. As a pioneer in creating lingerie, Lady Duff-Gordon developed lingerie to free women from restrictive corsets. During the early 20th century, underwear were basically worn for three main reasons: alter the shape with the use of corsets, girdles and bras, for hygienic purposes and for modesty. Throughout the nineteenth century, undergarments gradually became smaller and less bulky. As women began taking on jobs traditionally thought of as man's work, the demand for more practical underwear was created. Manufacturers started using lighter materials and making panties smaller to fit better under clothing. Working women were no longer wearing layers of petticoats, so smaller undergarments were needed. By the 1960s, lingerie manufacturers brought lingerie to the forefront and began glamorizing sleek and sexy undergarments. As the industry progressed and new lingerie designs became increasingly appealing, women didn't want to hide these fabulous creations any longer and began wearing lingerie as outer wear. Styles Designers are putting greater emphasis on rich-looking silk fabrics, delicate lace designs, exotic embroideries and vibrant, daring colors. The baby doll is one of the most popular styles of lingerie. The modest little nightie looks great on women of all shapes and sizes. It is not too revealing, but alluring enough to heat up any bedroom. Lingerie is either sexy or comfortable, rarely is one design both. The basque is a tight, form enhancing bodice designed for looks than comfort The bikini is just what it sounds like, a matching bra and pantie set Bloomers are puffy underpants designed more for comfort than fashion Bodystockings are often used as outwear or with a sheer dress over top The bodysuit is very similar to the bodystocking and used in the same manner A bodice covers the body from neck to waist, designed to sculpt your shape Camisole is a cute little top that looks and feels great, too The French Maid is strictly used in fantasy play Gone are the days when all women wore the exact same undergarments. Today, you can choose from daring, sexy Asian lingerie or a more modest design.
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