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Pete, Betty and Ginsberg are on a mission to get

by:Douai     2020-05-31
Though, little burnt, Betty is chewing the grapefruit toast with cheese that she made. While in the elevator, Pete tells Bert, Roger and Don about the inclusion of SCDP in the New York Times advertising. Meanwhile, Don is busy examining certain print ads for submission for the Clios, and Joan is silent. Roger gets shocked when Bert comes to him to request Roger's Jewish wife to deal with a Jewish client, unaware of the fact that they are soon to divorce. On the other hand, Sally is immediately demanding color pencils from Don, as taught by Megan to cry on demand. Hmm! In the office, Don notices a '[Stuff] I Gotta Do' folder of Ginsberg, and peeps through it, as he finds them interesting. Betty goes to get her kids at Megan's house, and finds Megan donning a blouse; naturally, Betty stares. A surprised Megan and Betty talk, and Betty is bound to leave when Sally says, 'This is irritating.' Did we get whom did she refer to? At home, Betty is frustrated on Henry, and yells at him. In anger, she takes the Readi-Whip and sprays it into her oral cavity. Now, what? Rushes to spit it, and rinses the mouth. Though, initially, Ginsberg and Peggy are not impressed with Don's idea of a devil that sips Sno Ball in the scary hell, later, all decide to go with Ginsberg's and Don's idea. Given an opportunity to share the good and bad experiences, Betty, at the Weight Watchers meeting expresses her experience throughout the week. Next, Megan laughs while assisting a friend of her with audition; to this, the friend felt bad and criticizes Megan for being well-settled and unaware that her friends work so hard to earn a living. The reply to this makes her friend nervous; hence, she apologizes. During a conversation between Roger and Ginsberg about wine business, Ginsberg finds out that Roger hates Pete extremely; it was a moment when Roger shared his secrets. A nice shot is when Henry and Betty talk affectionately. Betty is no more frustrated; instead, a loving and caring wife. May be; this is the after-effect of the Weight Watchers. The Pete's day dreaming is interesting. He fantasies Rory Gilmore coming to his room by wearing a coat along with lacy panties within. Pete feels that already he is on the NY Times Magazine. Well, if you ask which the best line in this episode is, then it's 'Why not ask Joanie? She's a professional something,' asked by Jane to Roger on a dinner plan. Then, an inspirational line is said my Betty while thanksgiving - 'I'm thankful that I have everything I want, and that no one has anything better.' Now, coming to the best shot; it is the scene involving Jane, where the first thing that she unwrapped was the zipper of Roger and to this, she regretted deeply.
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