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Philips 40PFL5605 television makes for a fantastic

by:Douai     2020-06-11
The 40PFL5605 includes access to Freeview HD, offers two HDMI inputs, one SCART socket, an audio in, and a headphone jack connector, more than making up for the lack of Internet accessibility. The designers of the set seemed to be thinking primarily of easy wall-mounting capabilities, because all these connections are at the bottom of the set. A third HDMI port is located on the side of the 40PFL5605 along with a USB connection. The added USB connection allows the television to be hooked up to a number of different devices, such as a still camera or movie camera and a flash drive, letting the viewer to listen to music or browse through a slideshow of still photos, or even watch video. The 40PFL5605's menu system can easily access a flash drive. The Phillips 40PFL5605 television set is a no frills buy for those interested in solely watching TV without all the extra bells and whistles, such as Internet access. The TV has an incredible video quality level though, and game players will be happy with this model. The 40PFL5605 affordability fits well into the scheme of a second or third television. For those uncomfortable with technology, the set is easy to use and makes for a simple wall-mount.
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