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Product Selection. Selection by the functional demands.

by:Douai     2020-06-04
Make sure your function demand, that is to say you are going to be in those circumstances put you down. Climbing 8000 meters peaks and polar-class adventure: the worst environment of course is the most professional requirements; requirements waterproof windproof breathable fabric and warm enough. Connecting down is a good choice. Climbing mountains: general should first warm enough, at the same time, preferably a long paragraph. Easy to use in the structure of three-dimensional box-shaped structure, wind and waterproof breathable fabric requirements. You can also use the liner-style down jacket at the outer layer plus jacket. Long distance travel: General in the road time is longer, the environment also has the very big difference, that is to say may occur in Moncler Mokacine Down Womens some places need to be down to keep out the cold and certain place may wear a T-shirt. Therefore, the down clothing requirements of small size, light weight, can not be in need when compressed on the backpack is a very small corner. Short mountain hiking: temperature is not too low, down jacket generally only at rest or camp use more, so the down jacket requirement is also has the advantages of small volume, light weight, soft and comfortable to wear. Skiing: Ski fit down jacket should be breathable with good effect, not too thick, close-fitting design to prevent the drag effect, high strength wear-resistant fabric. Urban winter: the relatively low performance requirements down jacket, wearing comfortable, generous fashion models. Cold strip work or travel: in China such as northeast Mohe County area winter field operations or tourism, demand down is the long section, fabrics more wear-resisting, more pockets for placing articles, preferably the brim hairy mouth wind. Select your size. The size is differ from man to man, someone like loose, someone like personal. Generally speaking, if it is Watchman type of climbing down jacket, requires a relatively relaxed, which also left at least the thickness of underwear and Fleece. As the liner down jacket, relative to a point. Also, pay attention to sleeve length, not too short, the appropriate length of time the vertical arm cuff and fingertip flat. Color selection. Preferences and functional requirements according to the color selection down Outdoor down color, but also follow the fashion in the gradual change, but because of the particularity of outdoor sports and leisure, there is a special, brighter color, high color saturation. In general, for the snow-capped mountains to climb down jacket highly specialized, more inclined to both the yellow and red colors, more visible in the white background. While some can be used as a liner, with mountain hiking on weekends or long-distance travel or city outdoor dual-purpose down jacket, the saturation of the color will be relatively low. Some black and gray color range of security is also a good choice.
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