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the baggy pants and sports bra epidemic

by:Douai     2019-11-21
According to Wikipedia, \"Fashion Police\" refers. . .
Make sure people dress their way to the imaginary police force.
Now the Atlanta mp c. T.
Martin no longer wants the fashion police to be just \"imagined \".
\"He proposed a fine for men and boys wearing loose pants, for men and boys wearing underpants, for women wearing thong belts or sports bras in public
One of the comments from the Atlanta Daily --
The constitutional website says it\'s like banning stupidity. \" I disagree.
It may make more sense to ban stupidity.
Should the municipal government really enter the field of legislative fashion?
It seems to me that those loose jeans are dragging on the ground, revealing the boxer shorts, and it looks ridiculous.
I think wearing a sports bra in a restaurant is a strange choice.
I am certainly not alone in these opinions.
But just because we don\'t like the way some people dress doesn\'t mean we should ban their clothing choices.
I believe there are a lot of people who think I\'m not well dressed.
Some of them live in my house.
But I don\'t want to worry about getting arrested every time I put on my old jersey.
To be fair, Senator Martin is not just concerned about fashion.
He felt that the clothing he wanted to ban represented what he thought was bad for his hips.
Jump culture, its roots in Africa-
American community.
Martin of African descent
I believe the kids see their hips.
The jumping hero in such a costume, imitate it, and then believe
Wearing clothes is the way to go.
Loose trousers are becoming \"an epidemic\" nationwide, he added \".
If this is true, I don\'t think the vaccine for this epidemic would be a \"loose pants ban \".
\"Like language, fashion is also developing.
The United States does not need legislation to get rid of Nehru\'s lawsuit or mini-lawsuit
A dress made of paper.
When the Beatles appeared on the scene, many parents were shocked by their \"long hair --
It will be considered quite short today.
Women\'s skirts fluctuate as frequently as the stock market (
There were even suggestions in question).
When I was at school, the kids wearing loose pants didn\'t.
Cool Kids.
Children who are not approved by adults-
Tight pants.
So, the opposite is true today.
There is no regular swing of fashion pendulum.
Google Cloud service disruptions missing connadik state mom Virginia Beach shooting protesters may be right to interrupt Harris MP Martin as people\'s fashion choices are influenced by people they admire.
Most American men wear hats until 1960.
Many people think that most people don\'t wear hats anymore because John Kennedy didn\'t wear hats at the inauguration.
When Jordan stopped wearing shorts, other basketball players followed him.
Soon the kids put on shorts, which may be more correctly called \"longs \".
However, these changes did not occur due to some \"undiscovered head declarations\" or \"below --the-
Knee shorts \"law.
It doesn\'t matter if the school or restaurant wants to ban certain clothing.
In fact, I fully agree.
But it seems too much to ban specific clothing in public.
Please do not write to me and say, if smoking can be banned in public places, why can\'t certain dress methods be banned as well?
As far as I know, there is no cancer case \"Second Time\"
Loose pants.
\"I don\'t know if there is any connection between wearing like a\" gangster \"and getting stuck because the member clearly feels or is afraid.
If, however, parents don\'t want their children to dress like this, they can say, \"No.
\"If a child shows up at school in inappropriate clothes, we don\'t blame the hips --hop stars.
Let\'s blame the adults who let them out of the house like this.
When it comes to adults, for people like Senator Martin who think it\'s really a serious problem for children to wear this kind of clothes, I have a suggestion: all the adults who care about it have to do is start wearing it themselves.
Once the children see the elderly wearing these clothes, they will stop wearing them.
Dress like this will no longer be fashionable
People like me now use the word \"hip\" and it is no longer \"hip \".
Lloyd Garver writes for many TV shows, from \"Sesame Street\" to \"family ties\" to \"Fraser \".
He has also read many books, including \"Dress for Success\".
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