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by:Douai     2020-05-22
Those that wear sizes D through G can choose from at least six different bra styles. Elle Macpherson Intimates, Cupcake bra, is an underwire bra. It comes with a satin lining with a thick lace overlay that offers additional support. The straps have the same lace overlay and feature bows at the point where the straps meet the cups. There is also a small satin bow between cups. The bra is designed with a structured shape which is ideal for women with larger chests. The lace overlay rises over the satin portion of the cups, eliminating the bulge that sometimes occurs over the tops of the cup. The Fly Butterfly Fly bra style is also offered in the D through G range. It provides a full satin cup that's lined with lace. The satin is a blended fiber that offers stretch, making a very comfortable bra. Straps are elastic satin and there is a small bow which fits the lace between the cups. This bras lace is simply decorative, however it adds a feminine touch many women will adore. The Cloud Swing Bra is available in sizes D through G and it is made completely of lace. The lace is actually a fabric blend, providing stretch and comfort. The band underneath the cups is in a contrasting color and keeps the lace from sliding. The Skylight Bra is made of a stretch satin material and features a fun pleated design at the top of the cup. This bra features thin straps which are ideal for wearing under tank tops. The bra would also look great under a low-cut cardigan, allowing the pleated satin design to peek through. The Serengeti Plains Bra is a full-coverage bra that gives extreme comfort for sizes D through G. The bra comes in a plain design or a zebra print. Its simple stretch fabric is great for wearing under t-shirts. The Artistry Bra features a rigid lace overlay and solid satin base. The colors are designed to contrast so the satin shows through the lace. There's mock stitching within the contrasting satin color over the straps and also the tops of the cups. The bra also features a bow between the cups. Among the finest places that compares lingerie prices is This web store offers the largest collection of underwear in the United Kingdom, allowing you to purchase underwear for women at the best prices to be found on the web.
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