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The market for panties in India and the lingerie

by:Douai     2020-07-18
The increase in the number of women at work place has been a significant factor. It has had two effects. Firstly, more women working meant they get to spend less time at home and with family. And while the need for daily wear lingerie has been taken care of by brands like Lovable Bra and Jockey, the need to feel something special for your partner to bring back the magic was still left behind. This need saw its way through the designs of lace, satin and silk panties in India. And secondly, with working, women gained the kind of financial freedom that they were yearning for. So splurging on something fancy or frivolous was never backed by a feeling of guilt. They could indulge in the lacy beauties of pure luxury to spice up their life; and still not worry about having spent a part of the income that could be better utilised for household needs. And since there number of working women increased, it meant that there were more colleagues to discuss with about the latest lacy luxuries and know about what the current trend is and which brands were they to look out for. It also meant exchanging much desired information about sizzling up your life with a topic like Panties in India which is almost a taboo. If working women were increasing, they were given a huge leverage by the big brands that made a grand entry into the market. And suddenly it was okay to check out a satin Lovable Bra in the shopping mall instead to surreptitiously giving it a sneaking glance! These brands made lingerie fashionable; it became a style statement to own a certain piece. And then came the bliss of online shopping. No more embarrassments of facing a male shop representative, no more looking into piles on lingerie and not liking any of them - now, one could simply shop online by electing what she really wants to try out. These two factors have been the most significant reasons of why the lingerie industry got a boost in India. Discussing about panties in India became fashionable instead of awkward. And with time, the preference pattern of people changed for the better.
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