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The P90X home fitness training system is an intensive

by:Douai     2020-06-18
This training system is hosted by Tony Horton, and the workout itself is broken down into 12 different units, one of which is a Yoga workout. The host of the show is very careful to point out the benefits of yoga, and how it is integral to the very core concept of this train-at-home system, which is called Muscle Confusion. Muscle confusion is the process by which the muscles of the body are worked through a variety of movements and exercises which each take time to master. In this way, the muscle's process of recovery and growth is accelerated in order to keep up with the new demands. The P90X system hopes to avoid the dreaded 'plateau' by keeping the workouts fresh and different each day. The yoga portion of this system is performed on day 4 of the workout program, and as such is an integral part of the P90X training schedule. Tony Horton explains how yoga combines flexibility, coordination, balance, strength and breath control to not only enhance your physique but to also strengthen the body. The P90X yoga workout proves that there is power and difficulty in each of the moves designed with six benefits in mind: muscular endurance, mind-muscle connection, active recovery, flexibility, agility and mental focus. Yoga is traditionally a total body workout, and this 90 minute P90X yoga session is no different. Several moves in this workout stress repetition which will aid in increasing your level of muscular endurance. The poses in this workout are designed to use as many muscle groups as possible at the same time, thereby increasing your mind to muscle coordination. The active recovery part of this yoga workout is meant to exercise a fatigued muscle in a way that allows it to recover from previous workouts and of course every yoga movement increases flexibility. Agility is as important as flexibility and the P90X yoga workout includes moving asanas which are done at a slow speed, which increases agility. The fluidity of the yoga workout allows much time for the development of mental focus and is guided by the Tony Horton as the moves are executed. While the kind of body you see in magazines and on television may be a distant possibility, there is no doubt that the addition of the yoga workout to this home training system is integral to achieving the 'ripped' look the system claims is entirely attainable. Tiffany Brunskole is a writer for Surfer Body Fitness, an Online retailer who specializes in workout products and supplies from Beachbody fitness such as P90X. P90X can help you burn more calories and achieve weight loss faster.
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