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the victoria\'s secret sports bra glut

by:Douai     2020-02-13
\"Wearing our old gym shorts and worn out T-
When the lingerie chain launched a series of sports bras in November, Sharen Jester Turney, Victoria\'s Secret executive, announced: \"The shirt is over . \".
Turney and her colleagues are keen to attract gym viewers who want to look good while sweating, saying sports underwear will help brands move beyond traditional underwear and pajamas.
This sports bra can also activate a monotonous market.
\"We want to solve the uniboob problem, and your sports bra makes you look direct on this issue --
No one likes it, \"said Teney.
\"The performance and functionality of this bra is the same as the appearance.
Bra so far
Online and stores sell several styles for $29. 50 to $62. 50—
Performance is not as good as expected.
Victoria\'s Secret ordered more inventory than it could sell last summer and fall, with the chain\'s LBrands chief financial officer Stuart Burgdoerfer at an industry event in April
\"We have developed this business very well, but we have bought a lot of sports bras.
\"The retailer did not say how much was ordered, but there was no plan for a discount.
The disappointing sales speed of the Bras is just the latest example of how challenging it is even for a well-known brand --
Victoria operates 1,060 stores in secret.
Go beyond the core products that bring their reputation.
The lingerie giant also recently announced plans to stop a series of clothing --
Sweaters, jeans and dresses are available online and in the catalog-
Not selling well.
In the latest quarterly results released in February, store sales for at least one year of opening were up 3% from the previous year.
Turney pointed out that underwear, sports and beauty are the three strong brands of the brand in the online and catalogue.
Even so, total catalog and online sales fell by 1% driven by two factors
The number of clothing fell.
The price cut squeezed the profit margin of the garment.
Victoria\'s Secret executives have every reason to use sportswear as a way to expand the share of women\'s wardrobes.
And the entire United StatesS.
In the 12 months ended February 2014, women\'s wear sales increased by 1% and women\'s wear sales increased by 9% to $14.
5 billion, according to data from market research firm NPD Group.
Many retailers and designers want to participate in the game.
Woolburch and Trina Turk will launch the sportswear series next year.
Turney said in February that sports bras and yoga pants are likely to account for between 10% and 15% of sales at Victoria\'s Secret store. Shape-
Enhanced workout pants and training shorts are part of this.
Because of its versatility, women\'s sportswear is very popular-
It can be worn in the gym or outside, making clothes a valuable purchase.
But the demand for sports bras is not big, said Wendy Lieberman, CEO of WSL strategy Retail, a New York consulting firm.
\"The way people wear sports bras may be different from the way they wear fashion underwear,\" she said . \".
\"If you\'re not working out every day, then you might wear one or two.
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