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by:Douai     2020-06-23
Breast massage is a great way to get bigger breasts in a natural way and it is much safer and cheaper in comparison to other methods like breast enhancement surgery. But it is very important to use the right massage technique to derive optimal results. In this article lets find out the correct way to massage breasts and make them bigger and fuller. There are different types of techniques which are very popular all over the world. The kind of technique to be used is dependent on the bodily requirements of the women and the size of breasts. Lets point out some of the common type of methods used - Technique One In this type of technique importance is given to enhance the growth of breast tissue. This massage is done by circular motion rubbing of breasts while keeping the hands under the breasts. Technique Two In cases where there is an excess quantity of lymphatic fluids present this technique is applied. Breasts are massaged in the outward direction by placing the fingertips on the nipple. A proper care should be taken as not to stretch the nipple skin during the massage. The skin on the nipple is quite sensitive and stretching it can give way to infections. There are some things which you should keep in mind while massaging the breasts. For example avoid using hard hands instead a soft to moderate massage is best suited. Never massage in anti clockwise direction as it can lead to lymphatic drainage. It is recommended to use cream or lubricants which are easily available in the market for breast massaging. These natural creams contain important herbal ingredients which are highly beneficial for the growth of breasts. For deriving best results you should daily massage the breasts for 15 to 20 minutes preferably after taking a shower. While you perform the massage make sure you are relaxed and their are no distractions and try to avoid wearing a bra as a tight bra interferes with the normal flow of blood to the breasts thereby leading to improper breasts growth.
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