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by:Douai     2020-07-13
Naughty - If you're looking for something that's a bit on the naughty side of lingerie then suspenders are a good option. With a belt wrapping around the waist, often over a pair of knickers, suspenders stretch down and attach to stockings, making a spicy, seductive addition to your lady's wardrobe. Nipple covers, also known as nipple tassels, are a daring, burlesque accessory. Many boyshorts knickers, and thongs have slits in the bottom, and sometimes include ribbon to tie them shut. Evocative varieties of thongs are simply comprised of lace and a string of pearls. Vintage - For those who prefer an old-fashioned look, a basque can enhance a woman's curves and carve out a slim waist. A basque is similar to a corset in fit, but is commonly longer and comes with shoulder straps. A corset is strapless and sexy, but often stays on with extensive lacing. However, some corsets come with hook and eye closures -- just like a bra -- as do most basques. Flirty - Many panties are created to be flirty and playful, with bows or ruffles accentuating the underwear. Satin panties can be found with teasing words printed across the back such as 'vixen,' 'flirt,' or 'cutie,' and come in charming tins or gift boxes. Chemises, camisoles, and babydolls are all popular intimate-wear styles that are a pinch shorter than mini-dresses. They are usually made of satin, silk, or tulle, and extend from chest to thigh, or contain a long centre slit that begins right below the chest. Hosiery - Hosiery, such as tights and stockings, can be topped off with garters, and make an alluring addition to your partner's undergarments collection. Tights extend from the waist to the feet, while stockings begin at the thighs. These garments come in many colours, with black and nude as two of the more popular choices, and are generally sheer. Hosiery also comes in many designs, such as fishnet, lace, and polka dot, and some even include bows. Many websites offer collections of lingerie that allow a buyer to easily browse by taste. Whether you purchase intimate-wear through the Internet or in a store, employees are always available to offer assistance. As long as you know what size you need to purchase, buying lingerie can be an easy and enjoyable experience. Take your time and you will find the perfect gift for you and your beloved to enjoy.
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