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by:Douai     2020-06-28
Malta is an island, south of Sicily, which lies in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It should come as no surprise, then, that the sea plays a major role in all facets of society. Water sports are extremely popular particularly during the summer months - and can be enjoyed both by professionals as well as amateurs just looking for a good time. In March 2009, some 35,000 readers of an international magazine called Diver' voted for the top diving destinations around the world. This year, the Mediterranean island of Malta placed first as the top European diving destination. Placing 3rd in the world, preceded only by Egypt and the Maldives in the International category, the little island proved that it has so much to offer and definitely merits the award. Dive sites range from natural features along the coastlines such as caves, tunnels, rock formations and reefs, to ancient wrecks and modern wrecks. In total, there are over 35 dive sites scattered around the coast of Malta and its sister islands. Alongside diving, snorkeling equipment may be rented out and enjoyed. Situated right in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, the Maltese waters are home to several species of fish. Thus, shore and boat fishing are practiced all year round and often offer rewarding captures. The best season is in late summer around September. At this time, the water temperature rises and shoals of fish such as Garfish, Dorado, Amberjack, and Little Tuna come close to the shore. One can practice loads of different angling techniques, depending on the location, season and time of day. Some such techniques are rock fishing, beach ledgering, spinning and float fishing. It is most often the case that leisure fishermen choose to relax along the sea side in sheltered bays or on the many piers along the shore line and enjoy a few hours of light tackle fishing. Several companies have been established that organize sport fishing trips for visitors. These usually set up private boat trips by day or night for a group of 3 to 6 anglers, and include all fishing equipment, food, beverages, and bait and so on. These companies organize offshore fishing, including game fishing, extreme deep sea fishing and live bait drifting; coastal fishing including light tackle trolling and bottom fishing; and finally, 'fun group fishing' for larger groups. Sailing in Malta is a very popular sport. One may charter a sailing boat for a day, weekend or week allowing for you to explore the Maltese coast at your own pace, visiting many bays as possible. This can be done in two ways; you may charter a sailing boat with your own skipper, or if you have the right qualifications, you can sail on your own. There is also a sailing school in Ghadira Bay, Mellieha that is run by RYA Qualified Instructors, using only the latest equipment which may be utilised in order to learn how to sail yourself! It is also possible to rent a wide range of self-drive boats that will permit you to discover the beauty of the Maltese islands on your own. The boats come with types of engine power to suit anyone, whether you are looking to you pleasantly cruise the day away or feel the thrill of a powerful, fast engine. Windsurfing is another sport that is well-suited to the Maltese Island's because there is always a location where the winds are favorable, even during the summer months! The Sicily-Malta Windsurfing Race, held in May, and the International Open Class Boardsailing Championships held in September and October, both attract competitors at international level. Kayaking and canoeing is a great way to relax whilst rowing from one bay to the other rather than restricting yourselves to the confines of one beach all day! Jet-skiing is a thrilling experience that is available in most bays along the island. A vast array of jetskis is available for hire, that seat one, two or even three passengers. Feel the rush of speeding along the crystal clear blue waters, while experiencing the beauty of the Maltese bays and cliffs. Water skiing is another popular water sport in Malta, which is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. In fact, as with the sailing, there are companies that offer courses in water-skiing, knee boarding and wakeboarding! Kite surfing is another thrilling sport which combines wakeboarding and a large parachute-type kite, allowing for total exhilaration and gliding! Paragliding is an incredible experience and any opportunity to try it out, should be taken! By means of a high-speed powerboat, you alone, you and a friend, or even three of you could be gliding through the air, seeing the beauty of the Maltese islands from the sky! The high-level safety standards adopted by companies who may make this adventure possible, also allow for children to have a go at this experience! If all this seems perhaps a bit much, there are also other options for younger age groups or those looking for good, clean fun. Games and fun water-related activities are a great way to break up the long day on the beach. Sausage rides and ringo rides are suitable for all age groups, and can be found almost all over the island! Paddleboats and powered-paddleboats are another great way for the family to take a trip away from the sand and explore the cliffs and surrounding areas of the bay, while remaining relaxed. This Article has been made available by AX Hotels Malta a leading operator of Hotels in Malta. 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