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this sports bra by sweaty betty protects the twins from getting droopy

by:Douai     2019-12-05
Nowadays, most sports bra brands are selling crazy prints and sophisticated straps to win the favor of sports bra customers.
On the contrary, Sweaty Betty focuses on the very unsexy idea of letting your chest stay the same and drooping.
The competition to win Sports bra customers is fierce.
Statista estimated the industry to be worth $327 billion in 2014 and is expected to grow to $100 billion by 2019.
Matt Powell of the NPD Group believes that whoever wins the sports bra category wins the women\'s sports shoppers, so the risk is high. London-
Betty on sweaty\'s back is battling for the championship.
Founded in 1998 by Tamara and Simon Hill-
Norton after Tamara couldn\'t find a stylish but functional workout outfit.
Sweaty Betty is known for her stylish design.
There are 50 boutiques from London to the United States. S.
There are also four department stores and online shopping.
A few months ago, Betty on sweaty\'s back of the sweat stream launched a \"stop falling\" campaign that taught customers why it\'s important to wear the right sports bra.
Many women buy a sports bra designed for low impact sports like yoga, and then wear it while running, which can cause irreparable damage to their breasts.
The company recommends that women of any type of running or cardio should wear high-support bras.
The \"stop falling\" movement takes a scientific approach.
They told women that the Coopers ligament is a kind of connecting tissue between the breast and the chest muscles that prevents sagging and will not be repaired by itself after stretching.
Many women have never heard of the Coopers ligaments.
Not only that, but 80% of women think that most of the support of the sports bra comes from the straps, and more importantly, under the straps.
Sweat stream sweaty back Betty considered a lot in the design under the belt when making a sports bra.
They also made sports bras of bra size instead of typical S-M-
L and carry size up to 38F.
\"I think because we focus on women, SML doesn\'t meet all the needs of women\'s breasts,\" said Sarah Cui, Chief Marketing Officer at Sweaty Betty.
\"The person who designed the bra is other women, and the designer thinks we need to solve the problem of the size of the Cup.
\"Some brands do mention the idea of keeping the jitter factor low, but the solution is usually uncomfortable with the compression and squinting of the chest.
The Sweaty betty-backed betty high impact sports bra managed to lock the twins without making the wearer feel like she was imprisoned in her chest.
Sweaty Betty experienced a 82% increase in sales of high-support bras during the campaign, from 16 in the bra category to 35%.
Cui said the best seller was their Ultra Run Infinity impact bra, which they sold out in October.
The brand also offers fitness clothing for running, skiing, yoga, swimming and general fitness.
In addition to reversible leggings, Sweaty Betty has also made zero-gravity legs that lift the bottom of a woman to get a more flattering profile.
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