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by:Douai     2020-06-07
Triceps Kickback: (Arms)You can use a bench if you have one... But you don't need it. It's just for support. Ok so start in a lunge position, but make sure your back leg is straight. Grab your dumbbell or resistance band handle and while keeping your humerus parallel to the floor, extend your arm out backward. If you want to see exactly what it looks like, type in 'tricep kickbacks' into Google Images, and you'll know exactly what it looks like since I cannot embed images here.Pull - Ups: (Back)I don't really need to explain this one do I? It's a pull up... You pull yourself up. But, there are some minor details you should be aware of. First, if you cannot do a pull-up, grab a chair and use it as a support device. You may step on the chair with one leg and push off it to assist you into doing a pull up. This is how a beginner should start.Another thing, make sure your chest touches the pull-up bar when you pull up. Maximum reps... Go for it!Capoera Pushups: (Chest/Triceps)This one's a little tricky so make sure you follow along. First, start in pushup position, making sure that your butt is not sticking up in the air. You may do these pushups the 'female' style since they are quite challenging. So from your pushup position, you are going to slowly lower yourself towards you LEFT side until you are an inch above the ground... now hold!Next, you will horizontally slide over to your right side while staying an inch off the floor... again, HOLD!Finally, you will push yourself up back to starting position. If you can do at least 5 of these, then pat yourself on the back! If not, work at it.ABS:Do the following exercises one after another. Sit-ups, Leg raises, Crunches, Hip Raises (also known as heels to the heaven) & Mason Twist (or berry picking as known in gymnastics).REST 2 minutes then repeat entire routineAnd there you have it, version 2 of my Full Body Max workout. I heard from quite a few people that the first one made them sweat... Well this one should make you drenched!Now remember, one workout routine is only effective for so long. It doesn't matter which routine you follow, eventually your body WILL adapt and you will hit your head against a metaphorical brick wall (also known as the plateau).To avoid this, I think its VITALLY important that you learn the principals necessary to create your own workout plans ever few weeks so your body is constantly being stimulated and growing. To learn these effective principals and more, check out the tips from this health and fitness book.Good luck.- FJP.S- If you have a fitness related questions or comments about this routine, you may send them to
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